Publicado por: Nuno Gouveia | Outubro 8, 2008

Cinco questões a observar esta noite*

A lot has happened in the week-and-a-half since the two presidential candidates met in Mississippi for the first of three debates. The looming economic crisis that took a chunk out of what was supposed to be solely a foreign policy and national security debate has deepened despite the bailout both John McCain and Barack Obama supported. Their running mates met in a debate that drew record numbers of viewers (and eclipsed their own encounter ratings-wise). And, more importantly, Obama has opened up a now-solid lead not only in national polling but in the critical state-by-state races where the campaign will be decided. Here are five questions heading into the second debate tonight:

1. Can McCain Score A Win?

2. Can Obama Play From Ahead?

3. Does Anyone Have An Answer On The Economy?

4. Are Voters Smarter Than The Press?

5. Will There Be “A Moment?”

* Por Vaughn Ververs, no HorceRace 08


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